Real Estate Management System

Our system is offering purpose oriented design with all the useful features a real estate website needs. Our system facilitates its user on front end as well as on admin-side and makes properties management a breeze.


Stunning Looks & Functionality

Standard CMS functionality typically includes:

Advanced yet easy Customisation properties search

Advanced properties search provided in Our system theme is powerful and fully customizable to fulfil various needs. You can select which fields you want to display and what data will be displayed in those fields.

You can display multiple location fields to provide search behaviour like State > City > Area. You can change the values of price fields. You can modify the search behaviour and values for beds and baths fields. In short you can fully customise the search form to match your own needs.

Google maps with Properties markings

Our system includes Google Maps API integration that enables you to display Google Maps with properties markers on search results page, properties display pages, property detail page, home page, Contact page and taxonomy archive pages.

Compare Properties

Our system theme includes compare properties feature that allow your website visitor to add properties to a compare pool and later on compare those properties side by side. Visitor do not need to login to use this feature. Check out theme demos for real experience.

Up to 4 locations Dropdowns are supported

Our system theme supports up to 4 location drop downs to produce search fields like Country > State > City > Area. These drop-downs works for locations hierarchy automatically. The numbers and labels of these drop-downs are fully customizable from customizer settings.

List and Grid Layouts

Our system theme provides page templates to display properties in list layout and grid layout. These templates are also supported with meta boxes to filter and sort properties based on your requirements. So basically you can create any type of custom list of properties based on your own custom criteria.

Additional Details

Our system provides an easy to use interface to add/modify/remove additional details related to a property. This feature can be used in many ways especially to add a certain type of information for which there is no other meta box available.

Floor Plans

You can add floor plans related to a property using an easy to use interface provided on property add/edit page on admin-side.

Property attachments

You can provide various types of files ( PDF, office documents, images etc ) as attachments to a property.

Similar Properties

Our system theme provides similar properties module on property detail page which displays properties similar to current property.

Sub Properties

Our system theme provides a sub properties module on property detail page to display any sub/child properties ( like apartments in a building ). Each child property works as a full property independently.

Simple Login and register or Social Login using any Social Network

You can provide user registration, login and forgot password features on your site to let users access member only features.
Our system comes with simple login and registration features from start but Social Login feature was introduced in version 2.6.1 and allow you to integrate any social network with your website for this purpose. Consult the related section in documentation for more details

Easy Customizable Front end property submits

This theme provides front end property submit template and related configurations. So you can restrict certain level of users from accessing administrator dashboard and provide them an interface on front end to submit properties. Later on website administrator can review and publish the submitted properties. You can also configure the settings to auto publish a property as soon the user pays a certain fee.
Since Our system version 2.6.0 you can show/hide any field on property submit form. This will help you hide the fields you think you do not need on your website.

My Property List on

Our system theme provides a template to display properties related to current user on front end. This template can be used to preview property, edit property, make a payment for property or even removing a property. A user can pay through paypal to get his submitted property published. Payment feature can be enabled or disabled from customizer settings

Favourite Properties

A visitor can add properties to his favourites collection, So that he can visit his/her favourites properties later on.Visitor do not need to login to use this feature as if he/she is not logged in then the favourite properties information is stored in cookies. But if the user is logged in then this information is stored in database as user meta.

Advanced Profile Editor

Our system theme provides a front end profile edit page. This page enables a user to edit his profile information without going to dashboard.A user can later on choose to display this information with his submitted property as agent’s information is displayed in theme’s demo.

Multiple Language Support

Our system theme is translation ready and you can translate it to any one language ( LTR or RTL ) without the need of a plugin. But, If you want to build a multi language website then you can use a plugin like WPML with this theme.

User Membership Packages

Our system enables you to create memberships packages for your website users with payment options using Paypal, stripe and bacnk transfer. So you can charge your clients a certain fee for a certain number of properties. Those Memberships packages also support reoccurring packages

Interested in Our System ?

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After the payment is completed and you raised the ticket in our system based on your order, we contact you straight away.  Order completion can take between 1 to 4 business days. Additionally you can buy our Installation & Configuration service and if needed we also have Web Hosting Services